what is tegcommerce?
tegcommerce is a open source e-commerce platform built entirely with javascript, reactjs and nodejs that makes it easy to create and manage a successful online store
what is the purpose of tegcommerce?
from brazil to the world an largest open source e-commerce platform
where did the tegcommerce project start?
in brazil
is tegcommerce a continuation?
tegcommerce software is the continuation of react-demo-store, which came from moltin. The work has been continued by the tegcommerce developers
what open source license do we use for tegcommerce?
tegcommerce is distributed under the mit license and therefore is open source software
tegcommerce has open source, what’s this?
means that the tegcommerce software code is made available for the community and the public to edit. we encourage contributions to continue building software based on real business experiences. you can download, modify, use and distribute open source software
where can I download tegcommerce?
download the latest version of tegcommerce
how much does tegcommerce cost?
tegcommerce is 100% free. without monthly fees. without commissions on their sales
why is tegcommerce free?
we believe that everyone should have the possibility to open a free virtual store. a system of donations and the formation of partnerships with leaders of the e-commerce sector allows us to share our powerful platform for free with everyone. these strategic partnerships provide our users with sophisticated features and financially support the progress and growth of tegcommerce
who use tegcommerce?
tegcommerce has as its guide that commerce is for everyone, so the platform is created by everyone and for everyone
i have other questions or need help
join our community in telegram and slack to ask questions and get help
what is a plugin?
a plugin allows you to add features to your store, such as new payment methods, as well as numerous tools for you and your customers
what is a theme?
one theme is the layout and design that turns your store into a beautiful, clean visual environment for visitors to enjoy
how can I join the community?
participate in our community in telegram and slack
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